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Announcement 5th Ayodhya Film Festival December 18 to 20, 2011


5th Ayodhya Film Festival
December 18 to 20, 2011

Ayodhya Film Society, a non-sponsored non-profit event, started its journey in 2006, in remembrance of the sacrifice of Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khan and Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil. Our motto is "Awam ka cinema" (People's cinema). It is organised by the contribution of awam and for awam only.

We have so far successfully organised Awam ka cinema in Mau, Jaipur, Auriya, Etawah, Delhi, Kashmir and in many such big and small places, with main focus on rural folks and smaller towns. 

Awam ka Cinema (People's cinema) is an attempt to spread awareness, take action and bring a wave of change in society. This year, once again we aim to showcase a variety of films based on shared culture of sacrifices, glorious traditions and of common heritage.

The 5th ayodhya film festival will be oraganised at 3 venues. The tentative places are as follows: 

  • Guptar Ghat, Ayodhya
  • Manucha Girls PG College, Faizabad
  • KS P.G. College, Saket, Ayodhya

Entry for films in Awam ka Cinema is free.  Genre of the films can be Documentary, short films and animation.

Topics for the film are:

Human Rights, Civil Rights, Peace, Violence against Woman, Communal Harmony, Development Issues and other neglected issues.

Don't forget to include a poster, synopsis of the film, and a short bio of the Director and your contact address.

You can submit your films by 8th December, 2011 in CD/DVD at the address:



AYODHYA-224123 (UP)

Ayodhya Film Society Core Team:

Dr. Anil Singh, Advocate Ashok Sirivastav, Jalal Siddiqi, Sharda Dube, Mohd. Ismil, Sunil Amar, Dr. Rupesh Singh, Gufran Siddiqi, Abhishek Sharma, Shah Alam, Indrjeet Varma, Afaq, Anil Varma, Naushad Ahamad, Mohd. Irfan, Ashish Kumar, Shariq Naqvi,Vinit Maurya, Mohd. Shafiq and Gufran Khan.


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